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DS IV Gloria - Brass Accompaniment

A chorale and descant setting to accompany congregational singing, with organist using the LSB accompaniment edition, by Phillip Magness

About this Product

Parts are included for French Horn to substitute for Trombone I and for both Tuba and Trombone II for the bass line. Optional timpani part also included. Very parish-friendly arrangement: organist simply plays out of the LSB accompaniment edition. Consider having the brass play the chorale arrangement ("setting one") as the introduction and then brass and organ playing together on the first stanza, with brass repeating that setting. Then have organ play stanza two without brass, followed by brass playing the descant setting ("setting two") on the last stanza. Another possibility would be for the organ to play a short intonation, have stanza one be organ only, have brass take stanza two with setting one, and then "all skate" on the last stanza using setting three. Use whatever will fit your congregation best - and enjoy!

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